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Let Kolbi do it for you and for free. Kolbi Pipe Marker Company is committed to helping you save time and money on your mechanical identification projects. Our portfolio of Contractor Services is designed to move some of your work over to us and ultimately provide you with the lowest overall cost for your project.

Kolbi offers three FREE services that are key to any mechanical identification project: Submittal Package Service, Mechanical Identification Takeoff Service, and Project Sort & Pack Service.   

  • Submittal Package 
  • Mechanical Identification Takeoff  
  • Sort & Pack 

Submittal Package Service

Kolbi’s new submittals are designed to be easily customized to meet the exact specifications of any project, so approval is a breeze! Our submittals are the only ones in the industry that allow you to adapt them to specific project requirements. While our submittals are available on this website for easy download, we would prefer to do the work for you. Just send us your project specifications and a trained Submittal Preparation Specialist will review the requirements, identify the appropriate submittals and prepare a comprehensive submittal package specifically for that project. Along with the submittals, you will get an index sheet cross referencing the section of the specifications to our submittals. You will receive a complete package ready to forward on for approval.

Mechanical Identification Takeoff Service*

This can be a time-consuming process and if not done correctly, it can result in excess material at the end of the job. For those who have a mini warehouse of excess pipe and valve markers in your building, you know what we mean. The Kolbi Takeoff Service is designed to prevent that from happening. We offer the most comprehensive and accurate Takeoff service in the industry. Our Takeoffs will be developed based on the project specifications, drawings and ANSI/ASME A13.1-2015 standards for mechanical identification. It is fast and simple, and only requires a few minutes of your time, but saves you hours or possibly days.

Sort & Pack Service

We are sure that at one point or another you have received a pile of boxes containing identification products and spend days sorting through them to prepare installation…well, not anymore. Kolbi’s Sort & Pack Service lets us do that work for you. Just tell us how you want to install the product and we will presort and package the order for easy installation. We can package by room, floor, system, even system by floor, however you would like. Every box is clearly labeled, both inner packages and outer boxes for easy distribution.


For more information on Kolbi’s Contractor Services, call 800-499-8450 or email us at sales@kolbipipemarkers.com or use the form below...


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